Up until the guy can it, teenagers don’t possess personal dating!

Up until the guy can it, teenagers don’t possess personal dating!

Precious tourist, present all women surviving in the house which have sweet gifts

Within the olden days, the new Armenians paid continuously focus on the entire process of undertaking a family. Certain way of life of Armenian matrimony is actually respected to the weeks, and especially on the country side. Youngers as well as their mothers highly believe that adopting the life brings happiness. The function has this new engagement regarding many someone in the process, as well as people who are barely accustomed the fresh new bride to be and you can groom is acceptance to help you they. New lifestyle of your Armenian marriage may be inexplicable to help you agents off other nationalities, but for every nation is exclusive within its own ways, and you will marriage traditions simply cannot function as same.

He does not visited the fresh fiance by yourself, however, with their romantic relative

They are procedure before the wedding. The caretaker of one’s bridegroom determines the latest bride-to-be, regardless if progressive childhood prefers to seek out another half-on her. However, the long term mother of one’s bride picks a spouse having their child, and you will she does by using great enthusiasm. There are not any special requirements to have physical appearance. What is very important is the fact that the girl was from an effective family, educated, hardworking, emotionally and you can personally healthy. Very, getting an enthusiastic Armenian marriage to occur, a bride-to-be is required, and never “anyway,” however, a suitable that for certain requirements. The brand new candidacy for this part have to be approved by the dad of the bridegroom.After this, a mediator is chosen, who’ll discuss for the bride’s relatives, as well as the last keyword constantly stays with the mommy. In the event the mom of your own bride to be expressed her say yes to wedding, up coming such as an operation since matchmaking starts. That is where Armenian marriage initiate. The function out-of matchmakers is carried out by men, and, considering heritage, they don’t reach an optimistic reaction the first time. The newest wedding is actually held regarding the man’s household, and its own invariable qualities was travelers who possess prepared pouvez-vous vraiment obtenir une mariГ©e par correspondance ? gift ideas to have the newest appointed, and you can a noisy meal. An important part of the big event are wearing a wedding band that shows the latest bride to be. However, it is done by the fresh new bridegroom. Who’s new “Cavor” at Armenian matrimony? Which term is used so you can denote the new godfather or their relative. “Cavor”, using guy’s father, decides the new organizational issues regarding the brand new big date of your marriage.

Brides – a good rite stored for the purpose of better acquaintance and you can interaction involving the newly wedded couples. Anyway, it iliar before the engagement. The following day, this type of merchandise was shared with this new neighboring youngsters.“Kyasum trel” is another preparatory knowledge where the dad into the future spouse together with Cavor engage. New big date of your own wedding occasion is actually negotiated in engagement, as well as almost every other questions regarding the fresh customers in addition to their count, menu, expenses, are solved during energetic preparing. You will find an element rather than and that a bona-fide Armenian wedding usually do not happen. Way of life and you may lifestyle mean an operation instance a marriage. When you look at the parallel into selection of this new day of wedding on church, a location is set in which the main celebrations could be stored. From the tradition, it is the home of your groom.

The fresh ceremony will become necessary. If it’s not did, then the relationships is not approved. During the matrimony, you must not be permitted to citation involving the newlyweds. That is directly monitored because of the men family of the groom. All round the day, due to the fact event was stored, this new Cavor retains a blade and scabbard along the thoughts out-of new newlyweds. Which will protect the students family unit members out of worst spirits. A unique ritual performed at the relationships ‘s the priest attaching new braids into hands of one’s newly wedded couples, new ends up of which is waxed. This is a great “narot”, precisely the priest comes with the to eliminate it.

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