How to Plan Your Board Meeting Preparation

Preparing for a board meeting is a daunting task since you must deal with multiple stakeholders and meet deadlines. However, by following the pre-defined structure and using the appropriate tools it’s possible to ease the stress and improve the experience of all those involved.

Plan your agenda for board meetings to maximize the time that is available for discussion and decision-making. Each item on the agenda should be accompanied by an allocated time-frame and a clear goal of either informing or obtaining information or making a decision. If the discussion diverges from the topic, take care to guide the conversation back to the main topic. Make sure someone is taking notes to ensure that the most important decisions and outcomes are recorded.

It is important to ensure that all attendees have been informed about the meeting, including the time, date and location. This can be achieved with a portal for boards that automates the process of dispersing materials.

Introduce all attendees to the meeting, including special guests and visitors. Then do roll call to determine if there is an quorum for the meeting to begin. Review any business issues that remain unresolved from the previous meeting and then approve minutes.

You can make use of the remaining time to discuss any new business or other topics that require discussion prior to the meeting’s end. It is also a good time to eliminate any notices about public meetings and replace them with the next meeting date and time as well as the location.

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