I am also a Gay man who was involved in individuals who was simply more than likely NPD- that have faculties ASPD

I am also a Gay man who was involved in individuals who was simply more than likely NPD- that have faculties ASPD

Keep in touch no matter if it is six months subsequently or if you’re able to when i would love to listen to exactly how you do. For the time being, take better care of your self. Rosie.

The brand new class B’s identification issues was comparable- however, away from my personal sense- Andrea you’re simply not advised regarding difference between an excellent Borderline and a great Narcissist. You have zero feelings otherwise they are most low, additional has actually deregulated thoughts (the fresh BPD) I’m Men clinically determined to have BPD- Held it’s place in cures for more than 36 months, and you will DBT almost a year. Having less sympathy try eye-popping- the shortcoming to determine my personal needs- therefore unfulfilling. After that emerged the new ambient punishment/gasoline lights. This person practically ravaged my personal life blood. Borderlines is going to be sweet- compassionate and you can providing, and be extremely codependent. We finished it relationships almost 4 years ago- went on the medication six months following getting depression and you will anxiety. It had been eventually reveled which i experienced a character problems myself- having 7 of nine characteristics about DSM IV. I envision me personally into the enough time road to recovery away from BPD- but allow me to make it very clear to you- borderlines and you can narcissists won’t be the same!


Hi Peter, Rosie here,nice to get to know you. We completely agree with your you to NPD and you may Borderline’s are different. NPD’s tell you a total diminished empathy Гјcretsiz Д°spanyol tanД±Еџma uygulamasД± and never recognise the latest demands out-of anybody else. Whenever you are a BPD and also involved with good NPD you will end up forgotten especially when inside the a connection. I often imagine me becoming a beneficial borderline(and may become) but don’t detected. The newest Narcissist inside my every day life is my sis who produced my constantly since i try a baby. We come across myself because the a compassionate, sensitive and painful personal having high sympathy to many other people’s problems but was together with a custodian that’s not usually a good procedure. I have problems with anxiety and also have over all living and this possess cause severe depression occasionally. BPD is no longer thought to be a psychiatric illness which i come across hard to discover but there’s a separate DSM V deleting BPD from the guide. I would personally have many attributes out-of BPD and you will wonder if the, in my situation, they my personal trouble was in fact right down to that have which NPD within my members of the family. I’m very sorry to listen this people caused you therefore much suffering and i also desire to your better on your journey to recovery. I agree totally that Borderlines and NPD’s are it really is not similar, indeed, he is in the opposite comes to an end of one’s range. Wishing your better Peter or take proper care, Rosie.

Andrea Schneider, LCSW

well-aware the difference between NPD and BPD while the set forth in the DSM…my personal previous remark was demonstrating there exists many people you to definitely possess some crossover with characteristics out-of those two “party B identification issues.” Everything i was writing about is the fact not everyone suits on the a sheer systematic category … I hope that clarifies some thing…I wish you really. Andrea


Thank you so much do far Andrea– understanding their article, and ‘targets/victims’ off Narcissists from the feedback – I’m able to definitely pick that have. Rosie BPS remains identified while the a group B identity ailment about DSM V- this has been enhanced along the DSN VI yet not. The newest Narcissist We understood had been partnered- had about three high school students. Left the partner immediately after 23 many years. Up coming continued to have a track record about gay community, in which folk in the course of time ignores your (merely abuse) He nonetheless ‘hoovers’ around for me personally throughout the most subliminal means- however, I informed your so you’re able to his deal with in no undecided conditions he was actually NPD. His reply? ‘OH’ -normal. One should learn that particular worst really does can be found around. I due to the fact a good Borderline have created of several troubles getting me personally- alienated of numerous- however, I don’t feel the kind of energy good narcissist has-

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