?Play as their Bones Go Marching when you look at the Once more by felinedetached

?Play as their Bones Go Marching when you look at the Once more by felinedetached

Boys are idiots. Ninja boys was idiots which have fatal guns, and it’s the new kunoichi’s advantage and you will duty to name all of them away on their bullshit.

Or: how Tenten becomes the fresh new Konoha equivalent of a coach to own kunoichi entirely into the accident, primarily on account of their pathological failure to let crap wade.

lay once tsunade becomes hokage (au where sasuke does not instantly get off) tenten’s pov! oooo we love good girl which supporting girls! she facilitate sakura eradicate their unique teammates such as typical people that mess up-and are extremely only stupid boys. Large enthusiast from fics in which tenten takes up a mentor/older sibling updates to have sakura bc she holds a really softer put inside my heart. Marseille in France women oof i am very happy with my personal girl’s advancement i will be extremely whining about any of it

Alternatively, it goes such as this: Haruno Sakura is the dilies. She actually is little and no you to-smart, yes, most useful kunoichi, sure, however, she’s going to never be into the par having clan high school students. She actually is teammates so you can an enthusiastic orphan powerhouse regarding a dead clan additionally the last left Uchiha.

(She reveals their own sight to help you wood, grown from the ground upwards, and you may Hatake Kakashi stares from inside the disbelief within forest where his student was previously.)

set during timeline. this fic enjoys me personally FOAMING at the mouth area. MOKUTON SAKURA. SENJU SAKURA. HASHIRAMA The thing is that. She actually is An excellent BAMF And OP Once the Shit. TSUNADE Goes into Their unique. INO Was Their unique GIRLFRIEND. i will play my praises because of it fic day long and you will nevertheless not be finished ahxndkek things are so excellent, all of the nothing detail (eg choji and kiba using up recuperation) is indeed screwing delicious Delight realize, i’m Begging

To possess Need off Versatility of the ThroughtheMirrorDarkly

Haruno Sakura may seem like the woman is condemned for being an effective report ninja, one to their options contained in this profession is actually a journey off adore otherwise all of the predicated on a beneficial fangirl smash. The fresh green haired girl had no delusions in regards to the lifetime she had selected, but she would rather die as the a ninja upcoming is bled inactive due to the fact a slave in order to their own relatives. Lays and you will deceptions possess depending the nation up to her and you can Sakura is preparing to tear it down, catching liberty that have both hands.

au. starts when group eight basic tries to have the bells. sakura’s entire household members and you can backstory is altered and you can abusive. growing team because friends and you may ily between naruto and you may sakura? *winkwink* some effects out of much spot nevertheless doesnt go anywhere as there are no intends to keep it! warnings for abuse, child testing, and states of bloodstream

Walk Forward, Never Review by the teslatempest

lay article war, a number of my personal favorite version of fics! she goes on an exact path to recuperation plus it can make my cardiovascular system very loving just like the i like her plenty and i recently need their unique to get happier and therefore fic tends to make me personally melt///// the new hinasaku is just meant after thus cannot ensure you get your expectations up However,. sakura makes narusasu happens and i also most told you aww aloud on dopiest voice whenever sasuke kissed their cheek,, my favorite bits are typically whenever shes thought/speaking of their particular thoughts bc i am an effective sucker for that a beneficial an excellent introspection! warning to possess states out of trauma perhaps? not one of it is one to crappy it is simply an excellent dealing fic

Thanks for the foodstuff by the theformerone

au! not anywhere close to once the shippy once the labels and you can malfunction imply? a good amount of little weird boats for example short-term states out-of nejisasu nd hinakarin (which includes more interest). not as sakura centric but damn beautiful no matter very i will be remaining it right here. actually very banging mental with a giant focus on uzushio and you will the newest uzumaki clan. helped me scream

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