Secure and Safe Software

The Software that is the Cause of today’s cyberattacks

Lax software security has a greater impact because software is increasingly integrated into critical infrastructures such as transportation healthcare, personal devices. Cybercriminals are constantly scouring systems searching for weaknesses to exploit. Software that isn’t secure can be exploited for the purpose of extortion, data breaches or other illicit activities.

Avoiding attacks before they occur is the most important aspect to secure software. This requires a combination of practices that include patching software and keeping it up to date. It also requires my review here secured architecture and coding best practices like using data validation, cryptography, and programming languages that can safely manage memory allocations.

There are many commercially-available solutions (COTS), which can help you ensure that your system is safe. But, if you’re developing your own software or are part of a DevOps team, the goal is to incorporate security into the development process so it is built into your application immediately. This can reduce the amount of work needed to address issues in production.

The benefits of designing software security far outweigh any cost. With the use of security-by-design methods and best practices frameworks, software developers can decrease the amount and impact of vulnerabilities that are introduced into production, eliminate vulnerabilities that aren’t detected, and quickly address any new vulnerabilities that develop. Since it’s six times more costly to fix a vulnerability in production, it’s crucial to make sure it’s done right the first time around.

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