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I am not sure about all of these claims for sexual harassment that people are making. It seems to me that they have waited a long time to come forward, and I am beginning to wonder if they are just trying to make a name for themselves. Why would you wait ten years and then make a claim? If you feel that upset about it, I am sure that you would make a claim earlier or go to the police. At least I am pretty sure that the girls at Whitechapel escort would have done.


More than anything I am really surprised at all of the actresses coming forward. Many of the girls who have spoken out against directors and fellow actors, seem to have waited for such a long time. Why wait 20 years to say something? That is the bit I don’t understand. Rape is a crime and if you have had a crime committed against you, you should contact the police and I don’t understand why women have not done so.


Several of my colleagues at White Chapel escorts of think that it sounds strange, and it sounds like it is a trial by paper or internet to me. In many ways I think it is wrong to publish photos of guys who have been accuses of rape. After all, you are innocent until you are proven guilty and that is what I think is so wrong. If something happened to me at White Chapel escorts, I would be picking up the phone to call the police before I did anything else. Why have they not done so?


I am really surprised at some of the names coming up. Some of my favorite actors such as Dustin Hoffman and Kevin Spacey are being accused of all sorts of things. Is it true? Some of the claims seem very loose if you like, and I am not sure that they happened. I was listening to this bar man making a claim against Kevin Spacey, and I have to admit that a lot of the detail seemed to have been made up. They guy could not even remember a date when Kevin Spacey was supposed to have assaulted him, by yet he got about 10 minutes on TV. It does not make sense to me at all.


What should be happening? If the stories are true, these people should be encouraged to go direct to the police. Hopefully some of the papers which have printed the stories will come unstuck if they are not true. They should in fact be sued by the people who have been accused if they have printed stories which are not true. Making a name for themselves is something that many actors strive to do, and I do wonder if that is what is happening here. If I had my way, I would ask for evidence. Trial by media is something that the girls at White Chapel escorts do not believe in, and I think that we could all be going down a slippery slope if we are not careful.


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